Friday, August 04, 2006

Quick Recap of my HTPC

Here's some quick specs on my Poor Man's HTPC...

1. Compaq Presario 5855 (AMDK7 processor 550Mhz) acquired circa 1999. So old, it shipped with Windows 98SE.

2. (New) ATI Radeon 9700 Pro AGP graphics card ($55 on Ebay). Using ATI adapter ($10 on to feed component video to my Sanyo 27 inch HDTV from Walmart ($400).

3. Compusa Digital/Analog TV Tuner Card ($30 on Ebay)

4. 384 Mg RAM

5. DVD Burner Liteon (Compusa special $30)

6. 160 Seagate HDD ($30 Circuit City)

This thing is running like a charm for such an old castoff. The Radeon 9700 has made a world of difference in the video output-really looks much better than the S-Video I was using before.

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